MATH202 Sections 10

Introduction to Statistical Methods II

Summer 2015

Meeting Time and Place

Section 10

Lecture: MTWRF 11:30 - 1 in Brown Lab 205 (BRL)

Lab (20L): MW 9:45 - 11 in Ewing 101 (EWG)


Andrew Novocin

Office Hours: TR 10:15-11:15 Smith 430 also R 1:15-2:15ish Newark Deli Bagel or by appointment (I'm usually around)


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Course Site at SAKAI

Formula Sheet Formula Sheet for MATH202

MEM 108 for test 2 on June 29th!

LEH 126 for final on July 10th!

Tool to understand sampling distributions: Play with sampling distributions

Guide to using Minitab and Excel (WARNING: Large file ~ 11 Mb)

Class Plug.DJ room

Statistical Charts


Intellectual Goals


Opportunities to be evaluated before facing reality:

Grade scale:

Planned Schedule

I reserve the right to change the schedule


We will emphasize Minitab and Excel for our statistical analysis, it might be wise to explore SPSS on your own. 101 Ewing is only open during lab hours. You can access software for statistical analysis at the computer labs: 111 and 113 MacDowell Hall, Smith Hall Computing Site, B&E Lab in Purnell.

Download minitab yourself. allows access for free for 30 days or a longer term purchase.